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A Little Halloween Village at Home

A few years ago my husband and I bought our first Halloween village miniature while on our way home from visiting family out of state. We had stopped at the Yankee Candle flagship store in South Deerfield, MA, as we… Continue Reading →

A Few New Adjustments & A Few New Tarot Decks

I missed blogging in July, just too much going on in my life to even focus on anything except what I really had to get done (though I did work on Illumination Tarot behind the scenes). There have been some… Continue Reading →

The Witches Moon for June 2022 ~ a Review

The Witches Moon for June 2022 After I read the tease about this month’s theme (the Hanged Herb) that was emailed a couple of weeks ago, I was really curious to see what would be in the box. I’ve been… Continue Reading →

June 2022 ~ a Tarot Reading

June 1st and we are into summer! I was looking over the short reading I did for Beltane, reflecting that the cards lined up fairly well with how May turned out. I ended up spending a good deal of time… Continue Reading →

Tarot of the Golden Wheel – a Review

Tarot of the Golden Wheel, by Mila Losenko, published by U.S. Games, Inc. The Tarot of the Golden Wheel was recommended to me because of my Slavic background and my longtime interest in the magical traditions of the regions my… Continue Reading →

The Witches Moon for May 2022 – a Review

The Witches Moon for May 2022 In my effort to spend less money because of this difficult economy, I paused my Witches Moon Box subscription for a few months, but when I saw that May’s box was going to be… Continue Reading →

Mystic Club ~ tarot inspired bags

In today’s mail I received an adorable bag from Doughnut’s “Mystic Club Series,” and it seemed perfect for sharing here. I’ve been carrying bags made by Doughnut for a few years now, and they’ve fast become my favorites. They are… Continue Reading →

May 2022 ~ a Tarot Reading for Beltane

I thought Beltane, or May 1st, felt like a great time for a restart, after a long several months that were fairly trying, but in some ways, still sped by. There is so much going on in my life right… Continue Reading →

The Witches Moon for December 2021 – a Review

The Witches Moon for December 2021 This month’s Witches Moon is quite lovely, focusing on Yule and the Winter Solstice, and encouraging positive celebration and ceremony. Christmas is a very bittersweet time for me, as it is for so many… Continue Reading →

Lovely Day Tarot – on Kickstarter

The Lovely Day Tarot was created by accomplished tarot author and reader, and watercolorist, Vivien Stewart-Jones (creator of the limited-edition Nimue Tarot). It was inspired very much by a need for a joyful representation in the tarot, and draws upon… Continue Reading →

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