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Welcome 2020! Moving Forward, Leaving Behind

I am not a big fan of readings that look at a full year ahead, but since I’m feeing optimistic and curious about 2020, I decided to lay out a few cards that would focus on just the first quarter… Continue Reading →

The Witches Moon for December 2019 – a Review

Well, my break from the Witches Moon subscription box didn’t last long! As soon as I read the email describing the upcoming December box, I reactivated my subscription. This box was promised to focus on divination, and as I always… Continue Reading →

Among the Bones – ancestor reverence

I collect bones… Skulls and fingers and teeth from smiling jaws, I dig up, brush off, and polish smooth. Many now I have, piled high around me. I know their faces, their voices, can see their walk and hear their… Continue Reading →

The Witches Moon for October 2019 – a Review

This month’s review of the Witches Moon Box is coming quite late, as I’ve been traveling out of state attending to a family crisis. Also, this, regrettably, will be my last review of the Witches Moon Box, at least for… Continue Reading →

October reading – the Wildwood Tarot

Reading with the Wildwood Tarot, by Mark Ryan and John Matthews, illustrated by Will Worthington The past few weeks have been pretty rough. My dad went in and out of the hospital multiple times, and I made a couple trips… Continue Reading →

A Tarot Spread for the Autumnal Equinox

Autumn seems to never be long enough, so beautiful it is here in Vermont. Many of us transplants to this special state (assuming we’re not skiers who live for the snow), dream of green summers when lakes shimmer and mountains… Continue Reading →

The Witches Moon for September 2019 – a Review

I took a walk yesterday evening after a heavy rain, the air damp and warm; a bit warmer than the previous few days when the heat had started to kick on in the house and I had put the warmer… Continue Reading →

Card of the day – Knight of Wands – Trick or Tarot

Trick or Tarot, by Douglas Thornsjo Card drawn: Knight of Wands The card I drew for the week today brought me a big smile. There is a somewhat manic energy in the wild grins of these fellows, though I mean… Continue Reading →

Hurricane Season – Oya in the Tarot

“In New Orleans, hurricane season is the time of Oya. All of these storms are named for her sons and daughters. Her family is closely watched.” – The New Orleans Voodoo Tarot I’ve been watching the devastating progress of Hurricane… Continue Reading →

The Witches’ Book of the Dead – a Review

The Witches’ Book of the Dead – by Christian Day My first remembered experience with “the dead,” to put it very simply, was when I was seven years old and had just moved with my family into a new apartment…. Continue Reading →

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