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Orphans of Dudleytown Art & Wares

When I first ordered the Orphans of Dudleytown Tarot from the artist’s website, I saw all sorts of other great items in his shop that I thought I might someday go back and purchase. Recently I decided to just treat… Continue Reading →

The Witches Moon for August 2021 – a Review

The Witches Moon for August 2021 Living where I do it’s pretty easy to get outside and engage with nature. This has been very important to me this Summer, as Spring was fairly difficult for myself and my family. Spending… Continue Reading →

The Beauty of Horror: Fear Your Future Tarot – a Review

Created and illustrated by Alan Robert, colored by Jay Fotos; guidebook by Rachel Pollack The Beauty of Horror Tarot The Beauty of Horror Tarot is a very cool, very fun, and importantly, very usable tarot set. Author Alan Robert is… Continue Reading →

A Tarot Reading for Healing

Today I’m posting a short reading I actually conducted for myself more than a month ago, in the midst of some physical and spiritual crisis. The previous two months had me suddenly dealing with some unexpected new health issues and… Continue Reading →

I Gatti Originali (Cats) Tarot – a Review

I Gatti Tarot created by Osvaldo Menegazzi I Gatti tarot is a limited edition, handmade, majors-only deck with twenty-two cards, numbering from Il Matto (the Fool) to 21, Il Mondo (the World). It is a partner, of sorts, to I… Continue Reading →

Golden Tarot of the Tsar – a Review

I have not really posted anything about Judeo-Christian tradition here, not due to any rejection of it; it simply isn’t my personal focus. My relationship with Christianity – more specifically (since that is very much how I have experienced it)… Continue Reading →

Tomorrow ~ and also, the Vernal Equinox

I’m terrible at titles. I think coming up with titles is my biggest weakness as a writer. After scrolling through a bunch of – a dozen or so? – possibilities for this post (most of which sounded too new-age or… Continue Reading →

Happy Halloween and Blessed Samhain!

I’ve been sharing a bunch more purely personal posts here in recent months, largely – if not entirely – due to being in a pandemic and feeling the importance of simply offering connection to others. As Halloween was fast approaching,… Continue Reading →

The Witches Moon for October 2020 – a Review

The Witches Moon for October 2020 I was looking forward to seeing what the October Witches Moon Box would hold, especially given the past year we have all experienced. I always feel the entrance into the Halloween – or Samhain… Continue Reading →

The Orphans of Dudleytown Major Arcana Tarot – a Review

The Orphans of Dudleytown Major Arcana Tarot Deck, by Yosiell Lorenzo If you haven’t already seen this Majors-only deck, I’d definitely recommend checking it out now, in time for the Halloween season. It’s a charming, rather cute little deck of… Continue Reading →

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