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March 2019

Card of the day – Six of Wands – Thoth Tarot

The Thoth Tarot was one of the first tarot decks I ever bought. It is one of a few that I keep by my bed, and I use it somewhat frequently. I have been reading Lon Milo DuQuette’s book Understanding… Continue Reading →

A Card Spread for Ostara

I live in northern Vermont, where people generally have a good laugh at the idea of spring starting at the end of March. At this time of year we still usually have snow on the ground, and our temps are… Continue Reading →

Card of the day – The Star – Game of Thrones Tarot

With this post I’m starting a new feature of the site that I used to do years ago – I’ll share cards of the day, or short readings I have done for myself. In some cases (as in this case)… Continue Reading →

Spring 2019 – Renewal

I started this site in 1999 after having spent much time doing professional reading work. I realized that since I was often teaching my clients to do tarot for themselves, I should create a resource for them, and ultimately, I… Continue Reading →

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