I need to offer a follow-up to the card of the day reading I did on March 25. After the reading I did indeed allow my attitude to change a bit, not dwelling so much on what I believed would be an undesirable outcome. I had been expecting to walk away from the doctor’s appointment with a date for surgery, or at the very least, the plan to discuss with my husband, surgery options and possible dates. I allowed the upcoming appointment to fade a bit in significance – it no longer loomed quite as large, it no longer overshadowed everything else I had going on. I also took the advice of the Princess of Wands, which I had drawn as a clarifying card to the Six. I went into the appointment rather open, and honestly a bit upbeat. My doctor happens to be someone I really like and have a lot of respect for. I figured she would, at the very least, not push anything on me that wasn’t really necessary.

During the appointment she suggested further tests she could perform in the office right then and there, and after doing those, was pleased to announce that things were much better than everyone had thought. I was super happy when she told me I did not at this time need surgery! We’ll reassess in six months, but for now, surgery is not being considered, and she encouraged me to continue on the natural path I had been following.

Did I feel triumphant? Cautiously so, but absolutely!

I’m always careful to tell others that tarot doesn’t predict the future… nothing is set in stone, and therefore the cards won’t tell us any kind of exact outcome. I’m careful to tell this to others, and I’m careful to practice this myself as well. Sometimes the cards do seem to predict something specific that wasn’t otherwise easy or logical to foretell, as in this case. There was no reason I should expect to feel celebratory after this appointment. I didn’t get my hopes up, not even after the card reading I had done. But, it did turn out that the cards I drew were right… it deepens again my respect for not only the tarot, but for the art of divination as well, and of course, for our own innate intuition, and the fact that we know ourselves best.