It has been a busy month! On Lughnasadh night, the first of August, I had an amazing time at the Iron Maiden show in Mansfield, MA. Maiden was my first favorite band when I was just about nine or ten (um, forty years agosigh), and I’ve always wanted to see them in person. The show was fantastic, the energy great, crowd great, venue great, and our seats were great – I can’t imagine a better way to have spent the night.

Since catching up with things after the trip, which also included visits to both my and my husband’s families in two different states, I’m finally able to sit with some cards, and get back to this blog.

One of my new favorite decks is Trick or Tarot, by Thorn, and since I generally start celebrating Halloween with the arrival of August, and with the sense of crisper air coming and the hint of orange visible in the trees, this is the deck I have been using most lately. It seemed appropriate to draw a card from this deck today, for a Card of the Day post (which is really a message for the week…).

A message for the week.

Trick or Tarot

Card drawn: Seven of Pentacles

Nothing really big here, the message is fairly clear, and honestly simply seems to voice what I have already been thinking and planning myself. In this deck, the Seven of Pentacles is really neither positive nor negative – in some decks this card emphasizes positive growth, or a positive assessment of work and accomplishment, in other decks it focuses a bit more on a negative view of missed opportunity. Trick or Tarot seeks a middle ground – or Middle Path as it is described in the Bogie Book (a full-size book written for this deck but available separately), “with the potential of going either way.”

The book reflects, “Much patience is needed in cultivation of any garden, not just in the time that must pass between the seed and the harvest, but the effort that must go into protecting the crop from the many factors that can destroy it…  The implication is that a great reward could be coming; but only if you pay close attention, nurture where needed, and demonstrate patience throughout.”

A bunch of my plans have seemingly been derailed a bit in recent months, by simple circumstance (like a minor injury, and getting sick), and with healing I have been hoping to get back to work I had to put aside. The Seven of Pentacles seems a rather fitting, obvious card to reinforce my own intentions in getting back to these things, and offers as well a somewhat direct reminder of the importance to indeed stick with it.


Trick or Tarot is available in two sizes. I purchased the large, Limited Edition deck. The cards are of a high quality and have a very nice feel to them, but I actually plan on purchasing the smaller “popular” size as well, since I find the larger cards to be just a bit difficult to shuffle – especially for regular use. If you treat yourself to the deck, the Trick or Tarot Bogie Book is definitely worth picking up as well. It offers much more than just expanded interpretations of the cards and is a quite enjoyable read. Review to come!

Please visit Tarot by Duck Soup, to learn more about Trick or Tarot, or to purchase directly from the author.

Up the irons!!