This month’s box was exciting to open. It wasn’t so much the month’s theme – though that can be highly valuable to anyone – it’s what was inside (some very cool stuff!). Since it is again a bit late in the month, I have already been working with these items, and the most important elements have already chosen a place in my home. So, let’s get on with it…

The Witches Guardian

The month of August always feels a bit more heightened to me. I begin to distinctly feel the gradual progression toward Fall, the inevitable approaching of the darker half of the year, a sharper awareness of spirit. Lately, I’ve been having strong, vivid, and meaningful dreams nearly every night. This month’s Witches Moon Box seems to be appropriate for a time when we may be feeling a stronger connection to, and are doing more work with, the unseen. Also, I shouldn’t fail to mention that in a more mundane way, many people are today feeling under attack (or at least, under threat) in one way or another – personal, or political, etc. Protection work can help in any way we feel we may be vulnerable.

The Witches Moon Box August 2019

In the introduction to this month’s box, it says, “As practitioners, we focus on defensive rituals rather than turning our energy towards the subject of others that work to create conflict. This practice builds strength and allows us to break through the ego. Passed down from Wise Witches and Magicians, the art of Protection Spells and Talismans provide a wealth of resources that guide us. In the month of August, we set our intentions on this very Power, providing us with the ability to stand guarded and protected. The hand-crafted items that are placed within this collection have taken a year to create and charge. Join us, this very special month, as we work with the powerful Witches Guardian.”

The Witches Moon has provided us this month with a selection of lovely and evocative items that can be used for working on whatever level of “protection” an individual wishes. Protection spells are among the oldest in the world, and even some of the most rational people we know behave superstitiously, performing little acts of folk magic that they hope or believe will ensure safety or good outcome (carrying lucky charms or coins, wearing religious medals or special pieces of clothing, placing certain items or artwork around the home, even knocking on wood). The items in this box can be used for more mundane purposes like spiritually enhancing protection of one’s home (for example, against theft); they can be used for spiritual, emotional, physical, or mental protection or strength of the practitioner; they can be used in creating a safer ritual space; or whatever way one might feel is necessary.

Witches Moon Box August 2019 Interior

Inside this month’s box

At the top of the box were the descriptive two-page written guide, a very sweet single oracle card from the Divine Feather Messenger Deck by Alison DeNicola and David Scheirer, and a very cool piece of original artwork – The Solemn Protector Sage Doll Book of Shadows Artwork by Adrienne Alden.

Reaching into the box, I came across the familiar feel of the jar of Sacred Salt and bottle of Magickal Anointing Oil. August’s Sacred Salt is for Mabon – the harvest or thanksgiving holiday celebrated at the Autumn Equinox, and the Magickal Anointing Oil is called Cast Away, created “with the intention of providing you with immediate relief from unwanted and negative energies.”

Solemn Protector Doll, Book of Shadows Artwork

Protector and pentacle

As I removed these items and the surrounding packing material, I was excited to see the edges of a more mysterious object. Now, this may actually not excite everyone as it did me – ! – but it immediately became one of my favorite items included with any of these boxes… I was greeted by the Solemn Protector Doll, hand-made from Blue Sage (that has been ethically sourced), and “adorned with Bark.” I am a little partial to such dolls – some of my earliest workings when I was a kid involved poppets I made myself, and I’ve always felt they could be particularly effective. The Solemn Protector Doll has a great feeling and is beautifully crafted.

Elemental Besom Pentacle Plaque

Another terrific item was the Elemental Besom Pentacle Plaque. The besoms that make up the arms of the pentacle symbolize the “cleansing and protective properties of the Besom, used to sweep away negative and stagnant energy.” It is a pretty piece, sturdily made, and ready for hanging.

Stone, candle, and herb

Inside a white satin pouch was the Selenite Desert Rose. It is said this stone helps increase our self-confidence, and in turn assists in our communication with guides and ancestors.

For dedicated ritual work, the hand-rolled Guarded Harvest Spell Candle was included. This candle was “enchanted with Frankincense Oil,” and wrapped with a parchment spell. The candle was charged with the “purpose of bringing Protection to your Home and Harvest.” Also included were small packets of Devil’s Nettle (or Yarrow) and Boneset, as well as Witches Sight Herbal Tea (Chamomile and Peppermint), and a strong but pleasantly scented Purification of Sage Incense.

As always, the accompanying info sheets offer detailed descriptions, as well as comprehensive instruction on how to use each item, including a variety of suggestions.

Beyond ritual

As with any spell work, it remains important after ritual to continue our effort by being proactive, taking positive action beyond ritual space. Working with the items in this box and reflecting on personal protection may help us realize ways in which we might make ourselves, our lives, and our spaces stronger and more secure.

Items included in the August 2019 Witches Moon Box:

The Solemn Protector Doll

‘The Solemn Protector Sage Doll’ Book of Shadows Artwork

Elemental Besom Pentacle Plaque

Hand-Rolled ‘The Guarded Harvest’ Spell Candle

‘Cast Away’ Magickal Anointing Oil

‘Mabon’ Sacred Salt

Selenite Desert Rose w/ Carrying Bag

‘Purification of Sage’ Incense

‘Witches Sight’ Ritual Herbal Tea w/ Muslin Bag

Devil’s Nettle Herb (Yarrow)

Boneset Herb

Personalized Oracle Reading (single card) – from Divine Feather Messenger Deck

Parchment Paper, single sheet

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