It’s been a while since I posted anything here. Because, you know, pandemic. Early on in things I posted a couple of times over at my personal blog, about buying vegetables when it was difficult to get to the store, and coping, but as days went on, and weeks went on, and then months went on, I realized I was at times becoming pretty depressed about certain aspects of this thing. Some of you know about my dad’s health issues – and I think I’ve posted here about it to some degree – so in addition to my husband having some “vulnerabilities” (as far as where COVID-19 is concerned), my dad has been my number one worry. It would help if I lived in the same state as him, so I could at least go see him through a window, but I live 300 miles away and the states involved have had fairly strict guidelines for traveling. I support the restrictions put in place to protect the elderly, just saying, that’s been hard.

I’m a little ashamed honestly, to admit that I have been one of those people finding herself in a funk at times. I’m an optimist generally, but I guess when it comes to pandemics in which people are cut off from loved ones, and thousands are dying, and there’s no way to predict when the thing will be over, the worrying part of me starts to win out. Also, despite agreeing with restrictions (within reason), I do have a growing, visceral feeling of being confined, and maybe it’s because I’m a Sagittarius, maybe it’s because I’m an individualist, whatever, that starts to grate.

Getting through the stay-at-home orders

Egg shack - great place to buy local eggs during pandemic
Our local “egg shack” – a great place to pick up eggs,
fresh from the neighborhood farm, especially when shopping in stores was very limited.

So the past few months have been interesting. I feel pretty strongly that we’re going to get through this, the economy will recover, people will return to more normal ways of living (with a few acceptable changes?), and those of us lucky enough to have gone untouched by the virus will all be alright. With all the extra time at home I’ve tackled some major projects around the house with my husband, which honestly had needed to be done for like the last ten years – the pandemic has been good for something! That itself is notable, and has brought great peace of mind. Although the pandemic and necessary precautions have given a feeling of less freedom, the way we have spent these months has been quite liberating in ways, even personally enriching. My husband and I have had a ton of time together, and that has been great as well, and there’s no doubt that where we live is a fantastic place to go through a pandemic!

A trail through our local woods - great place to spend time during pandemic
A walk through our local woods, a perfect place to be during pandemic!

Getting back to blogging…

But, it has been more than six months since I’ve written here, and I have felt increasingly bad about abandoning the work. This site has meant a ton to me since its inception. A little history: in the mid-90s I had several websites, which I had written mostly in Notepad, and one of those sites was my online home for professional tarot readings. I did that for quite a while, and it was a bit lucrative at one point (I accepted whatever people felt like paying me, and as it turns out, it was often a generous amount). It got to the point however, that I became concerned too many people were depending on, or relying on, advice given in tarot readings to make important decisions in their lives, or even to allow themselves to take steps to move forward. Tarot can offer unique and significant value in self-discovery, and it can indeed offer valuable insights that help us make decisions, but it’s important (in my view) to not rely on it, or give one’s emotions over to it so fully. I also found myself teaching others how to use tarot themselves, which I learned often gave me more enjoyment than doing the readings (since I felt no conflict over it). Thus, my site changed from offering tarot readings to offering tarot insights (it was originally named Tarot Insights). That was over twenty years ago (!). So anyway, yeah, this site is a creative endeavor, my heart is in it and has been for a long time, even for the few years I had to step away from it for family reasons.

Staying apolitical here

Given this virus is unpredictable, and right now there is so much going on in our country and the world that is painful to so many, I can’t actually say for sure what I’ll be posting here, or how often. In the US we are in the midst of a heated political battle that is hard for anyone to ignore, but I plan on not making political comments here – other than to say right now that I don’t care what “side” politically anyone is on (what party). I’m fifty years old, I’ve been an activist in my life, have spoken (and rallied) against racism and bigotry – and for environmental causes, FWIW – but I don’t see everything as being purely one-sided, or terribly simple. The issues may seem simple, but the politics are not always. I see examples of hate, hurt, dishonesty, and hypocrisy on all political sides – I also see examples of love, compassion, wisdom, and the desire to heal on all political sides. I grew up in a very politically active family (hardcore Democrat), but I’ve been around long enough to know that being affiliated with any one political party does not determine a person’s heart or soul, for good or bad. So, I might end up mentioning certain specific issues or situations that I am moved by, but I don’t see any reason to make it political – the last thing I want to do is hurt anyone or add to the division.

The seasons to come

What I would at least like to do is review a few new decks in my collection! Especially with Halloween coming, there are a few that I really look forward to writing about. Oh, and I have also restarted my subscription to the Witches Moon Box, so I’m pretty sure I’ll be writing about that again as well.

I hope you have weathered this thing okay, and that your loved ones are safe in all ways. Thanks for reading. As always, please feel free to reach out and say hello.