Lately I’ve been doing a lot of hiking again. Not exactly the kind of hiking I used to do – haven’t done much over six or eight miles or so recently, and haven’t hiked the highest peak in my area in recent months, but still, most weekends (and some weekdays) I’m out on the trails. I’m lucky to have someone great to go with as well – my husband was a serious backpacker when I met him; it’s something we’ve connected on since we first met.

Long Trail, heading back down from Laraway Lookout
Vermont’s Long Trail – heading back down from Laraway Lookout

This weekend we headed out to some nearby trailheads, thinking we’d take a basic but beautiful foliage hike on a trail that we’ve taken many times before. Although we left early, the parking lot was absolutely full by the time we got there. We backed out, and assuming others in the same area would also be packed, we decided to try a hike we’d never done but had been talking about – called the Laraway Lookout, in another neighboring town, off into a different direction.

This was not a super long hike but it was nicely rugged in spots, with lots of rocky areas, large boulders, and large rocky outcroppings. My favorite kind of trail, seriously! If I have to scramble, it’s my kind of trail. Spent some time sitting and gabbing with a couple of women who were up at the top, sharing our favorite area trails, and talking about where we’d grown up. Quite a few people were on the trail, despite it being not as popular as others in the area. We’re all kind of grabbing what we can of fall, knowing it won’t be here for long, and soon enough we’ll have snow on the ground and cold temps.

Fall Foliage on the Long Trail to Laraway
Fall foliage on the LT

Hiking has also been a great way to get a break from the craziness of everything going on these days. It’s fantastic getting into the mountains – or just out into the woods, and it’s so nice to be able to put out of mind for a few hours, all the stress of current events.

Nell on the LT, Laraway
Just me, on the way back down the LT

I hope that however you’re spending your time, you’re enjoying the season as best you can, and avoiding negativity – and I hope you didn’t mind this small look into my personal daily life!