The Orphans of Dudleytown Major Arcana Tarot Deck, by Yosiell Lorenzo

If you haven’t already seen this Majors-only deck, I’d definitely recommend checking it out now, in time for the Halloween season. It’s a charming, rather cute little deck of twenty-two cards, featuring characters created by artist Yosiell Lorenzo. The “Orphans of Dudleytown” were, according to the artist, inspired by local legend from a small town in Connecticut. Dudleytown was a settlement in the small northwestern Connecticut town of Cornwall, and is known by some locally as a ghost town. In an interview with VoyageLA, Lorenzo said the orphans were based on “ghostly kids of the Victorian era whose favorite holiday also happens to be Halloween.” Having grown up in Connecticut myself, I found the tie-in with local legend uniquely appealing.

This is very much a Halloween themed deck, and would be perfect for parties or small gatherings, for readers and querents of any age. Beginning with the Fool, there are numerous depictions of jack o’ lanterns, as well as crows, bats, black cats, and candy corn. The cards have an old-fashioned, vintage, almost sepia look to them – colored primarily in shades of black and orange, on parchment colored backgrounds. There is a feeling of mischief to the cards as well, that seems to loudly sound the “trick or treat” call of the holiday.

Included with the deck is a small, foldout guide to card meanings and a very short intro to “Reading Your Fortune.” Everything is packaged in a nice, sturdy little box.

In addition to the tarot deck, Lorenzo offers a whole collection of related products on his website. I’ve had to resist the temptation to buy t-shirts or pins that say “Let’s Conjure” or “Let’s Hide,” the pins playfully shaped as books, Ouija planchettes, or coffins; and I’m still thinking of placing an order for a 7 day (or prayer) candle decorated with one of the tarot images. Since my office space is decorated with skulls, creepy dolls, crows, and graveyard photos, Halloween decorations are right at home here, and one of these candles would suit it quite nicely year-round!

Please visit the artist’s website to learn more, view images from this deck and other work, and sign up for his newsletter (he sometimes sends sales announcements or alerts on special edition boxes). And don’t forget to check out his other products for Halloween!

visit: The Artwork of Yosiell Lorenzo