The Witches Moon for October 2020

I was looking forward to seeing what the October Witches Moon Box would hold, especially given the past year we have all experienced. I always feel the entrance into the Halloween – or Samhain – season very acutely. Some might guess it comes down simply to the change in weather, which in New England is marked by sometimes drastic temperature shifts, crispness of days, and of course, beautiful fall foliage colors. I believe it is also very much due to a spiritual shift… popularly known as a thinning of the veil. In any case, we are entering a rather darker part of the year, and many of us celebrate this. These past few months, in addition to simply living through the pandemic and all of the adjustments we have made to our lives, I’ve been dealing with a revisiting from my past. This is a past I thought I had quite gotten away from, but apparently not. In some ways, this revisiting was pretty dark in itself, and triggered old traumas, as well as old fears. This was not pleasant, to be honest, though I did grapple with making it as positive as I could. So, when I saw the theme of this month’s Witches Moon Box, it struck me how timely (again) the theme was in my life. Hecate! It seemed I could not have come up with a more crucial and necessary energy for myself for right now.

For me personally the box can serve as a jumping off point. It is a lovely box, filled with (as always) lovely things, but in my own case the work needs to go far deeper. That’s just a heads up, that if you’re by any chance going through anything similar (ugh, I’m so sorry if you are!), these tools are nice additions to the process, and the guidance may serve as a prompt for heavier work. The box’s guidance does also state as much.

So now that all the personal stuff is out of the way…

The Witches Moon Box October 2020

Hecate – Keeper of Keys

The title of October’s Witches Moon Box is Hecate – Keeper of Keys. It is introduced thusly, “As we walk into the sacred season of Samhain, we carry with us a deep and sinking feeling of gratitude for the many lessons that we have already learned in just these passing months. We are prepared and proactive in searching for the many answers and perceptions to questions that resonate within our current reality. During this time, we have been called to work with Hecate, inspired by and humbled by the wisdom that resides within her energies and vibrations. During a time of our deepest connection, we travel within the unveiled dark caves of past and present, upon the crossroads of decisions and unknown truths. In this very special and sacred collection, we work with the Goddess Hecate, traveling to depths within ourselves where she may shine light and guide us towards the wonderful work of the dark half of the year.”

Witches Moon Box October 2020 Interior

Inside this month’s box

Hecate – Triple Goddess Cold Cast Bronze Box
(crafted by Veronese Design)
Crossroads Sacred Salt and Of Torches Ash Ritual Incense Sticks,
in background

The focal piece of this month’s collection is the Hecate – Triple Goddess Cold Cast Bronze Box. This is a fairly hefty box that is very nicely made by Veronese Design, makers of high-quality figures and collectibles. The intricate details and accents are beautiful, and the box seems quite usable. The Witches Moon describes this box first by offering background on Hecate as well as Samhain… “This very specific time of year is sacred to those that are connected with Witchcraft in any way, or simply intuitive to natural cycles and spirit connections. As we come closer to the last day of October, we start to feel more confident with our ability to connect with our ancestors, spirit guides, or those that are called to walk beside us on our path. This very year, a time of decisions and deep contemplation regarding our present circumstances and what may lie ahead is at the forefront of our mind and spirit. We are called to work with Hecate during this time as we resonate so deeply with her absolute aspects of wisdom…. We call upon Hecate during these times as she is a powerful protector to those that follow the many paths of Witchcraft. She guides us and portrays the deep and ancient knowledge that resides within each of us, if we allow ourselves to be open and intuitive. Among the many names of Hecate, she is called and considered the Guardian of the Great Gates, the Illuminator, the Queen of Witches, the Highest Priestess and for us, the Keeper of Keys. Hecate, in all of her forms, has the ability to guide and direct spirits that wander upon the darkness of the thinning veil.” It continues with a good degree of information regarding this Goddess of the Night, and of the Crossroads.

Hecate – Triple Goddess Cold Cast Bronze Box, side view

It is suggested the box be used for placing offerings to Hecate, or perhaps messages or questions written on parchment. And then, having done so, to be open to recognizing signs or guidance.

Hand-Rolled and Anointed Keeper of Keys Spell Candle
w/ Key Token, Keeper of Keys Candle Spell Artwork, and Tumbled Black Tourmaline

Spell and Invocation

The Hecate Book of Shadows Artwork, beautifully illustrated by A.E. Alden, is a great reference guide for learning about Hecate, and discovering her correspondences and attributes. Included is the Hand-Rolled and Anointed Keeper of Keys Spell Candle w/ Key Token, a unique, purple, glittery spell candle that features an actual key that is meant to be removed before beginning the spell or lighting the candle. Accompanying the spell candle is the Keeper of Keys Candle Spell Artwork, by G. Ibis, an invocation to Hecate. We are reminded to “also create your own invocations or ‘inspired messages’ during your rituals as they contain greater power than you may know.”

Scent, Stone, and Herb

As usual, the October Witches Moon Box includes a Magickal Anointing Oil – this month’s is intended to deepen connection to Hecate; Sacred Salt for use in ritual bath; Incense Sticks; and three small packets of herbs for spell or ritual work – Yerba Santa, Dandelion Root, and Poppy Seed. Each of these focus on the energy of Hecate or the crossroads, or as additions to Samhain celebrations. Also included is a tumbled Black Tourmaline – said to offer protection and guidance. The single oracle card this month is from the Lantern Oracle, by Angelina Mirabito, PhD and illustrated by Yuly Alejo. The card included in my box was Inner Life, which says, “Your inner life is a garden to be cultivated.” That seems a timely message. And of course, a single sheet of parchment paper is provided for recording thoughts, insights, ritual ideas, divinations, and outcomes; and for including in one’s own Book of Shadows.

I am quite happy with this month’s box, perhaps especially because the energy of Hecate – the protection and guidance, the fearlessness – was so keenly needed. But also because the items are simply lovely and useful, not just for Samhain, but for year-long practice.

Items included in the October 2020 Witches Moon Box:

Hecate – Triple Goddess Cold Cast Bronze Box

Hecate Book of Shadows Artwork, by A.E. Alden

Hand-Rolled and Anointed Keeper of Keys Spell Candle w/ Key Token

Keeper of Keys Candle Spell Artwork, by G. Ibis, artwork by A.E. Alden

Hecate Magickal Anointing Oil

Crossroads Sacred Salt

Of Torches Ash Ritual Incense Sticks

Yerba Santa

Dandelion Root

Poppy Seed

Tumbled Black Tourmaline

Personalized Oracle Reading – single card from the Lantern Oracle by Angelina Mirabito, PhD, and illustrated by Yuly Alejo

Parchment Paper, single sheet

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