I Gatti Tarot

created by Osvaldo Menegazzi

I Gatti tarot is a limited edition, handmade, majors-only deck with twenty-two cards, numbering from Il Matto (the Fool) to 21, Il Mondo (the World). It is a partner, of sorts, to I Cani Originali – the handmade, Dogs majors-only tarot deck by the same artist and publisher. Lighthearted, little tarot decks that are particularly pretty or cute can certainly have their place in a collection, and I Cani has been a favorite of such decks in my own collection for many years. It is not a favorite simply due to the “prettiness” or “cuteness” of the artwork… it is also very well crafted by hand, on fine, heavy stock, with a handmade case that ties with soft ribbon. I Cani is a deck I don’t use for many readings, but admire for its joyful art and fine design.

I Gatti is much the same! Like I Cani, the cards in I Gatti do, to some degree, reflect traditional trump meanings – or at least, they give a nod to the traditional meanings and images in the Major Arcana. Again, like in I Cani where the spirit of dogs is effectively expressed, these cards capture the essential nature of cats quite well. They are depicted tipping over a pitcher in Le Stelle (the Star), hiding nestled in a globe in Il Mondo (the World), grasping at a fish that hangs above in L’Appeso (the Hanged Man). They are variously sweet, playful, fun, curious, sophisticated, and aloof.

I Cani tarot was given to me quite a long time ago, and since then I have kept my eye out for I Gatti. Recently, during pandemic, I noticed it for sale at a terrific price (as limited edition creations, these decks are collector’s items). I was happy to welcome it into my collection, which I have pared down in recent years to those decks that mean the most to me.

I Cani, I Gatti tarots

Reading (or not) with the cards

Readings can certainly be done with these cards, though if you are going to make this a working deck, I would suggest taking great care when shuffling. In fact, I’d suggest a very loose, overhand shuffling to avoid causing damage. If you are lucky enough to spot either of these great little tarot decks for a price you are comfortable with, I’d highly recommend adding them to your collection – especially if you are also a cat or dog lover! Their artistry and joyful quality make them worth the price, even if you won’t use them as you do other decks.

Note: the ribbon on my deck is scarlet red. The cards of my I Gatti tarot are just slightly larger than the cards of my I Cani deck.

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Check Amazon to see if anyone is offering I Gatti Tarot.

The publisher is Il Meneghello Edizioni – Tarot Artisans, in Italy, where you can find many special creations.