The Witches Moon for August 2021

Living where I do it’s pretty easy to get outside and engage with nature. This has been very important to me this Summer, as Spring was fairly difficult for myself and my family. Spending time in nature can be grounding, healing, calming, and uplifting. Besides actually spending time in nature though, we can still just surround ourselves with Earth’s bounties within our homes, or perform simple rituals that draw upon the same energies. Even seemingly small acts can have a positive effect on us. The August 2021 Witches Moon Box is a great way to bring such celebration and enjoyment of nature inside, and can help us draw upon the Earth’s beauty and energy to enrich our personal lives.

The Witches Moon Box August 2021

The Stone Guide

The title of August’s Witches Moon Box is The Stone Guide. The included information sheet says, “We find ourselves completely involved in our desire to understand, relate to, and honor all gifts of the Earth. Within these Natural Artifacts, we find assistance in all matters of life. From needing assurance, to yearning for healing and peace, to amplifying our ability to draw prosperity and abundance into our reality, we rely on the treasures buried beneath us, within the sacred soil. In this extremely exclusive and one-of-a-kind collection, we provide further knowledge for you to incorporate into your practice.”

Witches Moon Box August 2021 Interior

Inside this month’s box

Cunningham’s Encyclopedia of Crystal, Gem & Metal Magic, by Scott Cunningham;
special edition hardcover with gilded pages and silver page marking ribbon
exclusively produced for the Witches Moon Box, published by Llewellyn

When you subscribe to any of these monthly boxes, it becomes pretty typical to wonder what the featured or focal item will be each month… In the Witches Moon Box, I always expect several pieces of lovely, timely and relevant artwork by A.E. Alden, a hand-rolled ritual candle, packets of herbs, incense, anointing oil, a single oracle card, and usually a stone of some sort. Additionally though, there is a real stand-out item. Some of these items have been awesome, and have found a permanent place somewhere in my home, whether used for ritual or not. In this month’s box that stand-out item is a special edition copy, made just for the Witches Moon, of Cunningham’s Encyclopedia of Crystal, Gem & Metal Magic.

Published by Llewellyn, the book is fairly hefty, measuring 6.25 x 9.25″ with 268 pages, and comes in a large, black organza pouch. It is a “comprehensive and clear guidebook” that describes and discusses over 100 gems and metals.

“Learn how to find and cleanse stones and use them in divinations, spells, and tarot readings. Discover how to determine the energies and stories contained within each stone, and the symbolic meanings of a stone’s color or shape.”

Cunningham’s Encyclopedia of Crystal, Gem & Metal Magic

Book of Shadows Original Artwork and Sabbat Blessing

Book of Shadows Artwork by A.E. Alden included in the August Witches Moon Box
single card from the Beyond Lemuria Oracle Cards (Pocket Edition) by Izzy Ivy

The focus of this month’s box is a connection to the Earth’s gifts, as well as a celebration of the upcoming festival of Mabon (or the Autumnal Equinox, which happens in September). Three pieces of Book of Shadows Artwork, illustrated by A.E. Alden and measuring 5×7″ each, beautifully provide information on Black Tourmaline, Gold, and Silver. Also included is the Harvest Home Sabbat Blessing Artwork, by G. Ibis and A.E. Alden, that accompanies the Harvest Home Spell Candle, for use during Mabon or for placement on an altar or within one’s BOS or journal.

The single oracle card included in my box was Water: The Overflow, from the Beyond Lemuria Oracle Cards (Pocket Edition), by Izzy Ivy. The artwork on this card is very pretty and gentle, but also vibrant and energetic. There is an interpretation offered on the reverse of the card; a notable excerpt from it says, “Give more from a place of overflow than obligation. Even when we think we have nothing to give, coming from a mindset of overflow creates more of what we want.” I’d have to say this sentiment has been quite true of my life the past few months, and the card seems timely.

Ritual Work and Celebration

A variety of packaged herbs, tea, salt, incense, anointing oil,
hand-rolled Harvest Home Spell Candle, and extra large rosemary sage bundle

Small packets of herbs include Rose Haw or Rose Hips, Devil’s Nettle, Chamomile, and a Mabon Blend Ritual Herbal Tea with Muslin Bag for steeping. The August Witches Moon Box also provides a very large Rosemary Sage Bundle, Mabon Magickal Anointing Oil, Olibanum incense, and a hand-rolled candle for a Harvest Home Mabon celebration.

Black Tourmaline Stone

Black Tourmaline is often used to represent the Earth in spiritual work, and is considered to be a grounding stone, with protective qualities. Included in this month’s box is a nice, small Black Tourmaline stone.

Working with this month’s box

I am definitely happy with August’s box. The book is great, and is an excellent companion to another exclusive edition that the Witches Moon offered previously – Cunningham’s Encyclopedia of Magical Herbs. I love adding such titles to my library. I also love stones, and always look forward to seeing what will be offered, month to month. And although I don’t always use the provided spell sheets in exactly the manner suggested, I do appreciate and enjoy the artwork, and do incorporate the candles and herbs in my workings, in my own way. August’s box provides great items for celebrating Mabon as well – and it helps to have these things this early, as a reminder that time is flying and fall is fast approaching!

Just a quick note about value…

I’d like to add a quick note about the Witches Moon Box in general, especially since this is, after all, a review. I’ve subscribed to quite a few monthly boxes over the past six or eight years, and Witches Moon is one I continually return to (I have had some I outright canceled and never restarted, and there have been a few I’ve had to pause for financial reasons). Although there have been one or two boxes from Witches Moon that included items I wasn’t as crazy about or haven’t put to use, I will say, this box more than many others, continually stands out as being worth the cost.

In my experience, the box is always extremely well packed, and all of the items fit the month’s theme or purpose. I find that fairly important in a box like this – the items really can and should be used together. Communication, tracking, and delivery are always excellent as well.

Items included in the August 2021 Witches Moon Box:

Exclusive Hardcover Cunningham’s Encyclopedia of Crystal, Gem & Metal Magic book – exclusively created for the Witches Moon Box, this edition is hardcover with gilded edge pages, a custom design, and an attached silver ribbon.

Black Tourmaline Stone

Black Tourmaline Book of Shadows Artwork, by A.E. Alden

Gold Book of Shadows Artwork, by A.E. Alden

Silver Book of Shadows Artwork, by A.E. Alden

The Mabon Blend Ritual Herbal Tea w/ Muslin Bag (a citrus chamomile herbal tisane)

Extra Large Rosemary Sage Bundle

Rose Haw, or Rose Hips

Devil’s Nettle Herb

Chamomile Herb

Hand-rolled Harvest Home Spell Candle

Harvest Home Sabbat Blessing, by G. Ibis, illustrated by A.E. Alden

Mabon Magickal Anointing Oil

The Dark Welcoming Celebratory Sacred Salt

Olibanum Ritual Incense Sticks

Personalized Oracle Reading – single card from the Beyond Lemuria Oracle Cards (Pocket Edition) by Izzy Ivy

Parchment Paper, single sheet

To subscribe to the Witches Moon Box: 

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You can also shop for individual items or previous months’ boxes at the Witches Moon Market, which offers all kinds of great ritual items.

If you’re interested in the Beyond Lemuria Oracle Cards, take a look at the artist’s website at Izzy Ivy Art.

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