When I first ordered the Orphans of Dudleytown Tarot from the artist’s website, I saw all sorts of other great items in his shop that I thought I might someday go back and purchase. Recently I decided to just treat myself to something, and in looking through the catalog of items, knew exactly which something it would be…

Everyone needs a place to call home – Orphan Deer, art print on wood

I saw this sweet print and immediately chose it to go right over my desk in what is pretty much my home office (it’s also a sitting room, tarot reading room, game room, and um, the front entrance to my house…). It’s where I do most of my writing, work on my websites, practice, study, and pay the bills from. My desk space is crowded with images of ancestors, good luck totems, important mementoes, seashells, skulls, a Sagittarius Smurf (well, everyone should have a Smurf on their desk, right?), other assorted little things, and lots of artwork that I either love or has great meaning to me.

Orphan Deer art on wood
Orphan Deer art print on wood by Yosiell Lorenzo
at the top of the wall behind my desk
joins numerous other things I love and love to look at.

This particular piece of art spoke to me right away… I tend to think I come off as too serious and unapproachable to others (and have actually been told this by a few people), but often I just feel a lot like the girl in this image. Especially cool was that earlier in the day that I saw the artwork, I had watched a sweet tiny fawn try to navigate the brush in my back field, as it hurried to keep up with its mother. And the message? Ah, very meaningful to me. I rent my house, and was raised moving from one apartment to another. Sometimes my family chose to make those moves, but other times we were kicked out by the landlord (or lady). So, yeah, this orphan was clearly the one. I never expect permanence. It’s really up to others whether I can stay or go, but as long as I am here in this house, it’s my home. The little orphan with the deer hangs right at the top of the wall over my desk. I love her more the longer she’s there.

The High Priestess Tarot Candle

The High Priestess Tarot Candle
by Yosiell Lorenzo

I’d been wanting to pick one of these up since I first saw that some of the Orphans Tarot images came on seven-day candles! How cool is that? Lorenzo offers several of his Tarot images on candles, so it was a little hard to decide at first, which one to buy. They are all great, and will be super fantastic for both Halloween and year-round. For now, mine is sitting on my printer, next to my desk chair – basically at my elbow, between a flameless raven candle I picked up pretty cheap at a home decorating store, and Henry II, my candle-bedecked skull from a Halloween costume I wore a few years ago (he’s named Henry II rather unoriginally, after my first Henry, a glow-in-the-dark model skull I had as a little kid, that sat high on my shelf once I was done putting him together).

Let’s Conjure

Let’s Conjure enamel pin

In addition to watching and reading and doing all kinds of geeky things, I kind of openly share that geekiness in the things I wear or carry. I prefer small backpacks to purses, and seriously feel weird leaving the house if I haven’t chosen a few enamel pins to stick on a pack for the excursion. The Let’s Conjure pin is adorable, really different from many others, and perfectly suits my spirit.

Treat yourself

As the pandemic apparently continues on, with new variants causing uncertainty, and as we each face our own difficulties, I do think it’s important to find whatever joy, solace, or comfort, one can. I think that means sometimes treating ourselves to little things.

If you would like to treat yourself (or others!), please visit the Artwork of Yosiell Lorenzo where you can find a great selection of art prints, tarot candles, pins, stickers, a puzzle, the Orphans Tarot cards of course, and products featuring artwork from his other projects. Items are well packaged, shipped promptly, and in my recent shipment, accompanied by a small print and a sticker. Sign up for his newsletter to receive occasional updates and notices of special sales.

Also, be sure to check out my review of Lorenzo’s Orphans of Dudleytown Tarot Deck if you haven’t already!

Note: if you’re curious, the other things hanging alongside Orphan Deer include a framed print of Goya’s Majas on a Balcony (this hung beside my mother’s dresser mirror when I was little), my own Memento Mori 1 graveyard art, Tolkien’s Fangorn Forest, and one of Beth Robinson’s Strange Dolls.