The Lovely Day Tarot was created by accomplished tarot author and reader, and watercolorist, Vivien Stewart-Jones (creator of the limited-edition Nimue Tarot). It was inspired very much by a need for a joyful representation in the tarot, and draws upon Stewart-Jones’ insights gained during the pandemic. She says of this new deck, “The meaning and intentions of this work were to create a Tarot deck that looks on the bright side of even the darkest moments and to offer hope and the ability to see beauty in everything.”

The artwork shared on the Kickstarter page and the artist’s website reflects this well, and the sample page shown for the Seven Pentacles offers a delightful and meaningful story. There are several cards for which there will be more than one option, and there are several “secret” bonus cards included in the deck as well. Some of the illustrations are quite creative and unique – for example, the World card depicts a young man riding a vintage bicycle (doing a wheelie, actually!) on top of the world.

“An 85 card Tarot deck. Beautiful visions and alternative interpretations hidden in the woods and nature. Take a walk on the wild side!”

Lovely Day Tarot

I love the message behind the Lovely Day Tarot, and believe it is immensely timely.

Funding runs until December 17th.

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Photo copyright Vivien Stewart-Jones