The Witches Moon for December 2021

This month’s Witches Moon is quite lovely, focusing on Yule and the Winter Solstice, and encouraging positive celebration and ceremony.

Christmas is a very bittersweet time for me, as it is for so many people. As much as I love the holiday it is impossible for me to celebrate without some true sadness, and through pandemic, it has only been more poignant. The December Witches Moon Box seems to understand the complexities with which many of us experience this holiday season – not only bittersweet feelings or sadness, but also those of stress, anxiety, fear, loneliness, and other struggles. There is a strong but comforting energy to this collection that supports healing and creating peace and joy. The items themselves are beautiful and very fitting to the season, and to the overall theme of the collection.

The Witches Moon Box December 2021

A Yuletide Destiny

The Witches Moon introduces this month’s box with these words: “As we journey towards Yule and the Winter Solstice, we slow down to celebrate and enjoy the time we have with friends, family, and acquaintances. During this time, we relax, appreciate, and ponder, allowing our mind and spirit to find meaning and purpose in what has been gifted to us during these dark months. Within the long and mysterious nights, we delve into the symbols of our Destiny. We find comfort in the knowledge we have gained and the light that is soon to be born again. In this truly special collection, we finally reveal an exclusive project we have been working on for almost 2 years. Within these celebratory and meaningful items, we offer a sense of comfort and a unique tool that is sure to bring insights into the path ahead.”

Witches Moon Box December 2021 Interior

Exclusive Divination Tea Cup by the Witches Moon

Divination Tea Cup Witches Moon Box December 2021
Divination Tea Cup
exclusively designed by the Witches Moon Box for tea leaf reading
shown upright on its saucer, with accompanying spoon

The exclusive project revealed in this box is a terrific tea cup designed just for tasseomancy – or, as more commonly known, tea leaf reading! The Witches Moon tea cup comes nestled in padded white satin, within a sturdy satin-covered box, accompanied by a matching spoon, with its saucer seated carefully in its own padding beneath the cup. This attractive, careful packaging is typical of the Witches Moon Box, by the way. The cup is decorated with the twelve symbols of the Western zodiac, planetary glyphs, and a fine illustration of an eye. The accompanying spoon and saucer feature snake designs, and a sigil (by G. Ibis) adorns the saucer as well. Oddly, the symbols for Leo and Capricorn seem to have been swapped… however, that doesn’t have to negatively impact enjoyment or effectiveness of the cup. It’s just a little odd to see them out of order, and anyone with any familiarity of the zodiac will recognize this pretty immediately.

Witches Moon Box December 2021 Divination Tea Cup for tea leaf reading
Divination Tea Cup
December 2021

There is a brief history of tasseomancy provided, as well as a rather thorough introduction on how to get started with basic tea reading (with the suggestion to venture forth using further resources on the art). The Witches Moon also says of this set, “During this Yule season, take the time to incorporate this tool into your rituals and celebrations. We truly hope that this Divination Tea Cup will be received as a gift of Magic. May it become a companion during the cold winter nights and a gentle nudge on the bright mornings of the light reborn.”

Divination Tea Cup, turned over
Divination Tea Cup
turned over onto saucer

Tea Leaf Reading

As accompaniment to the Divination Tea Cup, is a beautiful piece of Book of Shadows artwork by A.E. Alden, titled Tasseomancy Book of Shadows Artwork (note – this artwork does show the correct ordering of the zodiac symbols). The BOS artwork provides a brief historic overview of tasseomancy, as well as a key to the glyphs and symbols found on the cup. The Winter’s Prophecy Ritual Herbal Tea is a loose leaf tea made with black tea, orange peel, and cinnamon. It is provided with a muslin bag, but it of course can be used for readings using the Divination Tea Cup.

Yule Gratitude

Within this month’s box are a variety of items that encourage positive reflection and dedicated rituals of gratitude. Most notably, the Yule Blessing Book of Shadows Artwork offers a “rite of gratitude” to practice this season. It encourages being thankful for the blessings you have received, and the “priceless impact made upon your journey,” while recognizing that we all have experienced our own struggles and losses as well.

The Gratitude & Growth Spell Candle and the Remembered & Reborn Spell Candle Mantra Book of Shadows Artwork continue this gratitude practice. The candle has been hand rolled with pine and cinnamon oils, and the artwork designed by G.Ibis and A.E. Alden.

Book of Shadows Artwork from the December 2021 Witches Moon Box
Book of Shadows Artwork by A.E. Alden
single oracle card from the Messenger Oracle by Ravynne Phelan

Comfort & Warmth

The Yule Magickal Anointing Oil, made with Anise, Clove, Pine, and Cedarwood, offers a lovely, spicy scent, and the energies of hope and renewal. This month’s sacred salt for Winter Blessings, was crafted with Basil, Sweet Orange, and Spearmint oils, and several other herbs. Two additional packets are also included for the timeliness of the season… Golden Bough, or European Mistletoe, which was revered by Druids. This herb is for external use only and is provided for use in ritual work. A packet of Mulling Spices is also included, which can be used as designed, in mulling wine or cider, or can simply be simmered on the stovetop in order to enjoy its lovely aromas. Yule Cinnamon Ritual Incense Sticks are provided for revitalizing energies, and are suggested to be used during any of the above work.

Witches Moon Box December 2021 Herbs
Yule Anointing Oil, Winter Blessings Salt,
Mulling Spices
Winter’s Prophecy Tea, muslin bag for steeping
Golden Bough (Mistletoe)

As always, the box comes with a Personalized Oracle Reading, which this month is one card from the Messenger Oracle by Ravynne Phelan. Upon first look, the card included with my box seems to suggest a sense of balance, with a rather symmetrical design, depicting a Yin and Yang, as well as an eagle and a crow (or raven). “Need and Necessity” is the title of the card. The artwork and card back are beautiful, and I love the birds. I also find the direct message in the title to be meaningful at this time… especially when considered with the theme of gratitude within this month’s box. Very briefly, I personally have all I truly need, and for that I am extremely and genuinely very grateful.

Other than the apparent glitch in the printing on my Divination Tea Cup (which is still very cool and very pretty), I’m very happy with this month’s box. It’s beautiful and offers much that can be used to enjoy the season with a sense of “comfort and warmth,” as well as guidance for healing and gratitude.

I highly recommend the Witches Moon Box as a subscription box and would also recommend it as a gift for those you still haven’t shopped for. Among all the boxes I have subscribed to over the years, it is one of three I continue to get (the others are the Margot Elena Seasonal Discovery Box, which is a treat that is also quite worth the cost, and Dungeon Crate, which is perfect for a tabletop gamer who loves getting monthly RPG-related surprises).

Items included in the December 2021 Witches Moon Box:

Exclusive Divination Tea Cup by The Witches Moon

Tasseomancy Book of Shadows Artwork by A.E. Alden

Winter’s Prophecy Ritual Herbal Tea w/ Muslin Bag

A Yule Blessing Book of Shadows Artwork by A.E. Alden

Hand-rolled Gratitude & Growth Spell Candle

Remembered & Reborn Spell Candle Mantra Book of Shadows Artwork by G. Ibis and A.E. Alden

Yule Magickal Anointing Oil

Winter Blessings Ritual Sacred Salt

Golden Bough (Mistletoe / Viscum Album)

Mulling Spices Blend

Yule Cinnamon Ritual Incense Sticks

Personalized Oracle Reading – a single card from the Messenger Oracle by Ravynne Phelan

Parchment Paper, a single sheet

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