I thought Beltane, or May 1st, felt like a great time for a restart, after a long several months that were fairly trying, but in some ways, still sped by. There is so much going on in my life right now, entailing both small changes and very major changes – and much was up in the air for a bit, but things are on more solid ground now. Added to that of course is everything going on in the world. Having connections to Ukraine and Poland (as well as Russia, for that matter), the invasion and war on Ukraine has been distressing. Not to mention various events in the US.

So, the first of May where I live often brings in the real first signs of renewed life, the youngest flower blooms, and if we’re lucky, a brushing of green tips on the trees as leaves start to bud. As it happens, we’ve some snow on the ground now, and it’s been super windy the past few days – this is not uncommon! Nevertheless, it does appropriately feel like summer is on the way. The sun is brighter and warmer, the earth is softer, and birds are singing cheerfully.

For today I’ve done a short reading that just looks at a few important factors focusing on welcoming in this warmer, brighter time, and a few key aspects of this day.

Reading for May

1. celebrating

2. sharing / gathering / connecting / family / friends

3. putting the past behind

4. readying for the future

5. accepting what is, and being grateful

Cards drawn:

  1. Three of Cups
  2. Four of Cups
  3. Nine of Cups
  4. 0 – The Fool
  5. Two of Wands

Impossible not to notice the preponderance of Cups cards here, which immediately seem to bring to mind this warmer, brighter time of the year.

Card 1 – Three of Cups

Celebrating indeed, in this first card. The card illustrates a time of celebration among friends or family, a joyous occasion. In my own life I have just this past week experienced cause for celebration. I didn’t expect a card that would so clearly reflect the act of celebration, but it is obvious to me what to celebrate right now and it really doesn’t need much clarifying.

Card 2 – Four of Cups

This card has always felt odd to me, and interpretations sometimes vary. Taken at its most basic meaning, that of boredom, I’d have to say I’m not bored with my connections – far from it! However, winter is always a time of some isolation where I live, and that has impacted my social life to some degree.

Card 3 – Nine of Cups

A fairly reliable way of putting the past behind is fully enjoying the present. And that seems to be reflected quite well in the Nine of Cups. This card has traditionally been one of great satisfaction and victory, sometimes referred to as the “wish” card. I tend to ruminate on the past too much, so I will need to remember the message of this card. This weekend itself has felt a bit Nine of Cups.

Card 4 – 0 The Fool

Leaving the past behind and enjoying the present will certainly help ready for the future like the Fool… stepping forward, faithful, unburdened, and free. The Fool represents this total trust, and surrender. Honestly, after years of the pandemic and the impact it has had on myself and my family, I feel there is simply no other way that makes sense than this.

Card 5 – Two of Wands

Ah, this card has also been interpreted quite differently by various authors. I tend to see it in this reading as what I would expect for this placement… pointing to difficulties experienced and to be experienced, yet focused (and grateful for) the more positive aspects of life, those in the past as well as those in the future. The basic philosophy of being grateful for what one has after the hardship and challenges, despite the losses and pain. Regardless of many difficulties in recent years – and in recent months even – I have very much I am thankful for. I think this is the only way to be able to move forward as the Fool, actually.

Pamela Colman Smith Commemorative Set

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I hope you are enjoying a wonderful start to this new season. As always, please feel free to get in touch with questions or comments or just a quick hello. Thanks for reading! ~ Nellie

Card artwork by Pamela Colman Smith, US Games