The Witches Moon for June 2022

After I read the tease about this month’s theme (the Hanged Herb) that was emailed a couple of weeks ago, I was really curious to see what would be in the box. I’ve been practicing herbalism on and off for many years. My first experience – well, my very first experience with it would have been with my grandmother Josephine, who insisted on the benefits of garlic when I or my brother were sick with a cold growing up. She even had us taking garlic raw, which I still do. Aloe plants were another favorite of hers, which she used for skin issues, and she also incorporated herbs in simple kitchen witchery. Growing up in a big Italian family, herbs have always been part of my cooking and lifestyle. But it was when I moved to a rural area about thirty years ago that I really embarked on more serious herbalism. It was then that I began making tinctures and capsules from scratch and incorporating herbs into spiritual workings.

The Hanged Herb

This month’s Witches Moon Box is titled The Hanged Herb: “As the wind-battered on the window as a reminder of everlasting movement and change, the solitude Witch took a deep and soothing breath. The wonders of nature surrounded her house as if to create an embrace, promising fulfillment to any pursuit. Within the comfort of her space, she reached for a delicate bundle of herbs that were hung to dry. She knew exactly their purpose and how their energy would coincide with hers. She finds comfort in this sacred companionship and dives into the abundance of Magic that is provided to her by spirits that surround.” In this extremely exclusive and one-of-a-kind collection, we provide unique tools to assist you in connecting with all nature that surrounds you. We work with these earthly elements to strengthen our bond and fortify our influence on our current realities. Join us this June as we pursue manifestation through intentional ritual and crafting.”

The Witches Moon Box June 2022

One thing I really enjoy about the Witches Moon is the original artwork by A.E. Alden, as well as the ritual cards and sigils by G. Ibis. These are very attractive illustrations – they’re finely done, but have a warm, positive energy. I was intrigued when I saw the main Book of Shadows artwork for this box was about desiccation, and the smaller piece focused on Rose of Jericho.

Witches Moon Box June 2022 Interior

This box is definitely a unique one, and as I laid the items out on my dining room table, my husband walked by and even he commented on how cool some of them were.

The Moon Phase Carved & Stained Herb Drying Rack

The Moon Phase Carved & Stained Herb Drying Rack
from the Witches Moon Box June 2022

The feature item of the box is an herb drying rack designed and crafted just for the Witches Moon Box. This is definitely an unexpected item, and is pretty cool. The rack is crafted from Albizia Chinensis, a lightweight wood that seems well-suited to the purpose of hanging herbs for drying. Six hooks are situated along the bottom edge of the rack for hanging small bundles, and a black cord is strung across the top for hanging.

Back side of the Moon Phase Herb Drying Rack

I already hang small bundles of herbs to dry in my kitchen, and this rack wouldn’t fit the décor in there, but it would fit the décor in my small office. I just need to find a place to hang it… And although I think this is a super idea and a cool inclusion to the box, the rack could be used for hanging other lightweight things besides herbs as well.

The Moon Phase Herb Drying Rack
with hanging cord unwound and ready for use

Rose of Jericho

This is a peculiar herb, but quite appealing in its uniqueness. The Rose of Jericho – also known as the Resurrection Plant – is considered sacred among many faiths, including Wicca, African Traditional Religions, and Christianity. The Witches Moon says of this plant, “Although there are many medicinal applications for the Rose of Jericho, it is commonly used for bringing the energies of prosperity, peace, harmony, protection, and new beginnings into one’s environment.”

Rose of Jericho
from the Witches Moon Box, June 2022

The included dried herb is delicate and seems to leave a little fine dust wherever it rests. It can be reconstituted in water, but I’m tempted to keep it displayed and protected beneath a glass cloche.

Book of Shadows Artwork

As I mentioned above, I do enjoy the artwork included with each month’s Witches Moon Box, and it is part of what makes this such an enjoyable subscription box. For June, the included pieces are Desiccation (the removal of moisture from something), which is a helpful primer on drying botanicals; Rose of Jericho, an illustrated introduction and list of correspondences for the herb; and a sigil. Previously, sigils included in the Witches Moon boxes I have received were done in black ink on a white card; this month the sigil itself is white, on a background photo of a misty woods. Below the sigil the intention is stated, “I call upon the elements of nature for guidance and support.” This clearly suits the theme of the box quite well, and I like the new format.

For the Altar or Sacred Space

The theme of the box is heavily oriented toward herbs, but each Witches Moon Box comes with small herbal packets. This month those herbs include Mykhet or Clove, which is believed to banish evil, among other things, and Laurel Leaf or Bay, that may help with “stamina, intuitiveness, wishes, protection, and clearing.” Clarity Clove Ritual Incense Sticks are included as well, to be used for home blessings, and a packet of Airmed’s Embrace Sacred Salt is provided for ritual bathing. The bath salt is crafted with Basil, Sweet Orange, and Cedarwood Oils, as well as with Marigold, Dandelion, and Plantain Herb.

Airmed’s Embrace Bath Salts,
Laurel Leaf, Mykhet, Clarity Clove Incense Sticks
Hearth Anointing Oil

A hand-rolled Sacred Cottage Spell Candle is meant to bring comfort and creativity to one’s sacred space, and a Hearth Magickal Anointing Oil is designed to assist with “creating and crafting without the clutter and chaos of the outside world.” It is “enchanted” with Basil, Clove, Almond, and Black Pepper oils, as well as Olive Leaf, Lavender, and Sage herbs. The oil uses a base of sunflower oil, which I’m actually really happy about as I avoid soy for health reasons (and soy is ubiquitous in skincare formulations these days and hard to avoid).

Flower of Life: Wisdom of Astar Oracle Cards

A single card from the Flower of Life: Wisdom of Astar Oracle Cards by Denise Jarvie is included as a “personalized oracle reading.” The single card included in my box is called God-Goddess. A very brief excerpt from the back of the card says, “You are a part of the source, the cosmic heart of all, a willing participant in the eternal cosmic love affair between the physical and non-physical, God and Goddess, matter and spirit.” A single sheet of parchment paper is also provided in the Witches Moon Box for recording intentions and keeping within a Book of Shadows.

Hedge Witch

June’s box definitely has a hedge witchy vibe that elicits a feeling of closeness to nature physically and spiritually. It is a fun and useful box that provides unique items that can be enjoyed in one’s sacred space or home, as well as a variety of altar items that can be used throughout the month in a dedicated way.

The Witches Moon Box is a great way to treat yourself, nurture your spirituality, and live with intention.

Items Included in the June 2022 Witches Moon Box:

The Moon Phase Carved & Stained Herb Drying Rack, with twine bundle

Desiccation Book of Shadows Reference Artwork, by A.E. Alden

Hand-rolled The Sacred Cottage Spell Candle

Rose of Jericho

Rose of Jericho Herbal Grimoire Artwork, by A.E. Alden

Hearth Magickal Anointing Oil

Herbal Companion Sigil Artwork, by G. Ibis

Mykhet or Clove, small packet

Laurel Leaf or Bay, small packet

Clarity Clove Ritual Incense Sticks

Airmed’s Embrace Sacred Salt

Personalized Oracle Reading – single card from the Flower of Life: Wisdom of Astar Oracle Cards, by Denise Jarvie

Parchment Paper – single sheet

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