A few years ago my husband and I bought our first Halloween village miniature while on our way home from visiting family out of state. We had stopped at the Yankee Candle flagship store in South Deerfield, MA, as we sometimes do to take a break from the drive, stretch our legs, and grab a quick bite to eat. That first piece we bought was the Department 56 Jack O’ Lantern Water Tower, and for a while it simply sat on a shelf over my desk along with other Halloween decorations, looking quite fetching. That first purchase sparked an interest in these miniature holiday villages, specifically, Halloween villages, and an irresistible new hobby was born.

Yankee Candle Village

A bit of Yankee Candle’s Halloween Village from a few years ago, featuring Department 56
The Jack O’ Lantern Water Tower is seen at the back

One of the things that makes it so much fun visiting Yankee Candle Village, is in addition to the indoor “Bavarian Village” that you can stroll through – decked out with little “storefronts” full of great Christmas decor – they also have a room of miniature holiday villages. The Halloween village is not nearly as large as the Christmas one, but it’s captivating, fun, and super well designed and constructed. This room of miniature villages is always full of visitors: children and adults alike oohing and aahing over the scenes, taking lots of pics and selfies. The Halloween village also features scenes from the Nightmare Before Christmas, the Munsters, Addams Family, and Harry Potter, all officially licensed items by Department 56.

Lemax Spooky Town

A bit of my Halloween Village, from a different angle as top image
additionally featuring Free Samples witch figure, Bridge of Bones,
and Gargoyle Lamp Posts, all by Lemax
(please excuse the visible wires!)

Of course, we can only afford so many miniature houses, and Department 56 tends to be on the pricey end of these things. Good thing we discovered Lemax Spooky Town Village – woohoo! These lighted buildings and figures are much more affordable, and they’re also a bit easier to find.

Another neighborhood in my Halloween Village
featuring Ghouly Grocer lighted building, Witch’s Brew Coffee,
Garden of Eaten Worker figure, and Pumpkin Monster figure
all by Lemax

Over the past few years we’ve added enough little buildings and characters to create a small but convincing town – we even added a small train track. Is it corny? Um, yeah, totally! But it has been a great diversion I have to say, from, oh idk, pandemic, family losses, personal struggles, health scares, and other big stressful events.

The Future Looks Dark

The Future Looks Dark lighted building
by Lemax for Spooky Town Village

This year we’d decided we didn’t need to get any new Halloween decorations, like, at all… and we don’t quite have the room to expand the size of the village. Then we saw the new Spooky Town Village releases for this year, and headed to our local Michael’s… Even my husband couldn’t resist Lemax’s new The Future Looks Dark lighted building. Michael’s describes this new 2022 collectible:

“If you are desperate to know what the future has in store, then you have come to the right place with this Michaels Exclusive building! Visit Madame Serena, the resident clairvoyant in Spooky Town. There’s a risk delving into the unknown and she might tell you The Future Looks Dark. On the other hand, the best tarot readings are performed here and there might be a bright horizon. Are you ready to hear for better or worse?”

The Future Looks Dark Madame Serena
by Lemax for Spooky Town Village

For any tarot enthusiast, this is a must-have if you like these kinds of things. Even without a full village this is cute enough to sit by itself on a shelf or desk, or joined by a couple witch figures (of which there are many). It’s also among the more moderately priced choices, and Michael’s tends to have a lot of sales and coupons as well.

Here Comes Halloween!

As we head into August, I tend to start really feeling the approach of Halloween (it’s only 82 days away now – !), and it’s difficult for me to not start pulling this stuff out early and setting it up. The very least I do is browse the stores for the new Halloween décor, from which I usually get a good deal of inspiration. If you’re interested in pieces like the Future Looks Dark, I’d recommend making decisions quickly because they do tend to sell out the closer we get to the Halloween season. Many sellers will post on Amazon though, so keep your eye out there as well. Have fun shopping and creating!

Read more or purchase Spooky Town pieces (thank you to everyone who uses my affiliate links, through which I earn small commissions):

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~ Nellie