This is the blog for Illumination Tarot. The blog mostly explores tarot topics, but it does also cover topics relevant to tarot, like divination, Witchcraft, spiritual seeking, or anything that feels like it has a place here. This is, after all, still a very personal place.


If you’re totally new here, welcome! Illumination Tarot has been going since 1999*. It’s a resource for tarot enthusiasts, mostly, and offers articles, reviews, original tarot spreads, general information, and a shared love of tarot. I’m not an expert but I have been working with the tarot since I was about thirteen years old, first inspired largely by books on magick. No matter which various corridors of thought and practice my spirituality has taken me down, tarot has rather consistently remained a part of it all.

If you’d like to learn more about me or my background, please feel free to read my bio, where I share the background of the site as well as some personal details about myself. You can also visit my non-tarot, professional portfolio site.

I very much welcome comments and inquiries, so please feel free to email me at You can also connect with me via LinkedIn.

~ Nellie

*The domain itself previously had no hyphen,, however I lost the domain some years ago, and so my site is now of course I also created the site Tarot Insights many years ago, though it is long defunct. I have been made aware that some of my work has been reposted without my permission, and without credit. Please always beware of the dishonest, and seek original content offered by artists and writers themselves. 🙂