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Card of the day – Knight of Wands – Trick or Tarot

Trick or Tarot, by Douglas Thornsjo Card drawn: Knight of Wands The card I drew for the week today brought me a big smile. There is a somewhat manic energy in the wild grins of these fellows, though I mean… Continue Reading →

Card of the day – Seven of Pentacles – Trick or Tarot

It has been a busy month! On Lughnasadh night, the first of August, I had an amazing time at the Iron Maiden show in Mansfield, MA. Maiden was my first favorite band when I was just about nine or ten… Continue Reading →

A follow-up to the Six of Wands

I need to offer a follow-up to the card of the day reading I did on March 25. After the reading I did indeed allow my attitude to change a bit, not dwelling so much on what I believed would… Continue Reading →

Card of the day – Six of Wands – Thoth Tarot

The Thoth Tarot was one of the first tarot decks I ever bought. It is one of a few that I keep by my bed, and I use it somewhat frequently. I have been reading Lon Milo DuQuette’s book Understanding… Continue Reading →

Card of the day – The Star – Game of Thrones Tarot

With this post I’m starting a new feature of the site that I used to do years ago – I’ll share cards of the day, or short readings I have done for myself. In some cases (as in this case)… Continue Reading →

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