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A Few New Adjustments & A Few New Tarot Decks

I missed blogging in July, just too much going on in my life to even focus on anything except what I really had to get done (though I did work on Illumination Tarot behind the scenes). There have been some… Continue Reading →

Tarot of the Golden Wheel – a Review

Tarot of the Golden Wheel, by Mila Losenko, published by U.S. Games, Inc. The Tarot of the Golden Wheel was recommended to me because of my Slavic background and my longtime interest in the magical traditions of the regions my… Continue Reading →

Lovely Day Tarot – on Kickstarter

The Lovely Day Tarot was created by accomplished tarot author and reader, and watercolorist, Vivien Stewart-Jones (creator of the limited-edition Nimue Tarot). It was inspired very much by a need for a joyful representation in the tarot, and draws upon… Continue Reading →

Tarot Decks that Embody Halloween

Every year it’s like this… As early as August I start to feel ready for Halloween, but I know that everyone around me would think that’s just plain weird, so I mostly keep it to myself. Besides, it isn’t really… Continue Reading →

The Beauty of Horror: Fear Your Future Tarot – a Review

Created and illustrated by Alan Robert, colored by Jay Fotos; guidebook by Rachel Pollack The Beauty of Horror Tarot The Beauty of Horror Tarot is a very cool, very fun, and importantly, very usable tarot set. Author Alan Robert is… Continue Reading →

I Gatti Originali (Cats) Tarot – a Review

I Gatti Tarot created by Osvaldo Menegazzi I Gatti tarot is a limited edition, handmade, majors-only deck with twenty-two cards, numbering from Il Matto (the Fool) to 21, Il Mondo (the World). It is a partner, of sorts, to I… Continue Reading →

Golden Tarot of the Tsar – a Review

I have not really posted anything about Judeo-Christian tradition here, not due to any rejection of it; it simply isn’t my personal focus. My relationship with Christianity – more specifically (since that is very much how I have experienced it)… Continue Reading →

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